The story of GODLAZER begins with a 1200cc Harley Davidson Motorcycle ride across The Sangre de Cristo Mountains, one of the longest mountain chains on Earth. There among the mysterious Colorado Mountains an idea was forged, and a sound emerged from the heavens to attract “The Ultra Culture”, the people, who get down, dance, and come together for positive impact! The GODLAZER project since its creation has been a continuous journey of epic proportions…


Thanks to all of you, who have helped bring the light and the awesome energy into life. It melts my face off its face when I think about all the good vibes that resonate across the cosmos and I smile. Many hands make light work, and I would not have had any success without the help of many people who have spread the positive waves. I want to thank God, my family, and my friends for helping me spread the love that you all give me. It seems, unconditionally, without fail… day by day, you all are my inspiration to keep the lazers on melt! <3 I will never forget this… So close your eyes, and listen to the sounds from the underground.

Peace, Love, and Bass,

Christopher aka GODLAZER